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Revolution Customs

Custom builds are our specialty! We take pride in working with you to get the right parts you want at a cost that is tailored to your individual needs and price range.  We will sit down with you and help you select the frame and components that you want and help you achieve the price range you would like to spend.  This allows us to work with you and help you select the right parts that most of the time do not always come on factory bikes.  This allows you to get better components in places that count and save money by buying cheaper in other areas.  This also allows you to pick a custom color scheme for your bike, by picking out colorful parts to put on the bike.  We will work with you to get you exactly what you want.  Chet, John, and Tyler will work with you to set you up with the best ride.  Chet our Road bike master will help you build the lightest bike you can find.  John will help you build the downhill or mountain bike of your dreams to master the trails.  Tyler our fixie guru and commuter specialist will set you up with the most boss fixie you can think of.  Call us at 231-237-0900 to talk to one of us about a custom for you.  Custom kits with pricing to come soon.

Custom Built Bikes

Chet our road bike master 
with a custom Orbea Opal with full Sram Red components Weighing in at 15lbs
John Our Downhill And Mountain bike Pro
Custom Lucky 7 Freeride bike with 7.5 inches of suspension
Tyler Our Commuter Specialist 
 with a custom Boston Red Sox theme fixie 
other Custom Builds 
Custom Women's Orbea Onix 
Full Sram Force 
Custom Orbea Alma 29er 
Custom Del Pasado Fixie