Revolution Bike & Boards

Promoting the bike for recreation and transportation in Charlevoix, MI

Don't throw that bike away . . .

because each spring, we collect bikes of various sizes and styles that we see along the side of the road during spring clean-up.  Once in the shop, we clean and tune them up, replace chains, seats, grips, tubes, tires etc. - We give them a new life and get them road ready.

We donate the refurbished bikes to Char-Em United Way who distributes them to local families.  

We began the initiative in 2007, when we were able to collect and donate 10 kids bikes. And each year, the number of bikes that we have been able to refurbish and give away has increased. 

We want to see everyone on a bike no matter what.  So give us a call if you have an old bike that you plan to throw away. There's a good chance that with a little elbow grease, we can get it cleaned up and get it back on the road.